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The Rebel T3 / EOS 1100D is the second in Canon's line of budget-concious entry-level DSLRs, aime..
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Rp4,290,000.0 Cashback φ 1,287,000
The Rebel T3i / EOS 600D takes the highly capable T2i / EOS 550D and adds a multi-angle LCD scree..
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Rp4,685,000.0 Cashback φ 1,405,500
Nikon Coolpix AW100
The AW100 is the first underwater camera Nikon has made in over a decade.  And what a fu..
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Rp2,450,000.0 Cashback φ 735,000
Nikon D3000 Kit VR
The Nikon D3000 succeeds the D60, but if anything, is even easier to get to grips with thanks to ..
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Rp3,450,000.0 Cashback φ 1,035,000
Nikon Coolpix S1200pj
The S1200pj is the third generation "pj" camera (behind the S1000pj and the S1100pj) and feat..
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Rp3,790,000.0 Cashback φ 1,137,000
Nikon D3100
Physically very similar to its predecessor the D3000, the D3100 is built around a 14.2 megapi..
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Rp3,550,000.0 Cashback φ 1,065,000
The Canon EOS 650D/ Rebel T4i/ Kiss X6 is the an 18MP touch-screen DSLR with a sensor-based hybri..
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Rp5,700,000.0 Cashback φ 1,710,000
Nikon Coolpix S01
The Nikon Coolpix S01 is a miniature compact camera built around tiny 10MP sensor. The S01 us..
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Rp1,420,000.0 Cashback φ 426,000
Nikon D3200
Nikon has updated its entry-level DSLR offering with the addition of a 24MP CMOS sensor...
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Rp4,990,000.0 Cashback φ 1,497,000
The EOS 700D/ Rebel T5i is essentially unchanged compared to its predecessor, sporting an 18MP AP..
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Rp6,500,000.0 Cashback φ 1,950,000
Nikon Coolpix S800c
The Nikon Coolpix S800c is an interesting hybrid of connected mobile device and tr..
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Rp3,300,000.0 Cashback φ 990,000
Nikon D5100
The D5100 sits comfortably in the middle of Nikon's non-Pro DSLR lineup, carefully blend..
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Rp4,725,000.0 Cashback φ 1,417,500
With the 18MP EOS 60D Canon has unashamedly moved the X0D range out of the 'semi pro' bracket and..
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Rp7,085,000.0 Cashback φ 2,125,500
Nikon Coolpix P310
The Nikon Coolpix P310 is built around a 16.1MP BSI-CMOS sensor and features a 4.2x optical zoom ..
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Rp2,290,000.0 Cashback φ 687,000
Nikon D5200
The Nikon D5200 is an upper entry-level DSLR that improves on the D5100 by offerin..
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Rp5,900,000.0 Cashback φ 1,770,000
The EOS 7D is an excellent addition to Canon's range of APS-C DSLRs that is, in terms of build qu..
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Rp12,560,000.0 Cashback φ 3,768,000
Nikon Coolpix P510
The 16 megapixel Nikon Coolpix P510 is a compact camera in the superzoom class, that sports a..
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Rp2,925,000.0 Cashback φ 877,500
Nikon D7000
Although ergonomically, the D7000 is a very close match for the D90, its ov..
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Rp8,750,000.0 Cashback φ 2,625,000